Meet Bertie Bee

And we had to interview Jack Quick as Bertie!!!!!! This is what Jack had to say today regarding ' We Need Bees' .....

' We are now coming into our fourth week and as we get deeper into the tour we are going further and further from home, going to such places as London and Dundee which I'm very looking forward to as I've never ventured to Scotland before. We do have a nice week off before we go up... to Scotland then we are away for three weeks, so for a mummy's boy it will be difficult thank god for face time haha!

' I really enjoy playing my character Bertie as we are quite similar, apart from the fact he's a honey bee of course, because I only ever wanted to do one thing in school and that was be in the drama block performing or even being the class clown in other subjects, so it wasn't to hard to find how to play him!

' It is a long old tour and its different from day to day as we could have a long travel a get in, then a show and also a get out, but I like to keep everyone on their toes by winding them up, and by being the youngest in the group, I can get away with it a bit more haha.

' My favourite thing about playing Bertie is that I get to meet all the different characters and get to interact with audience which is great. I also enjoy getting the chance to meet as many of the audience members as I can, and when they tell you how much they enjoyed it makes all the hard work worth it. Another good thing about being able to perform in this show is that my father can't drag me to work with him to watch him plaster walls. But if anyone needs a price, Bertie bee can turn up for W J Quick Builders.'
We Need Bees 2013 - 116

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