Aimee Morris Shares Her Thoughts on Work Experience in Theatre

Work experience - As a young person living in Wales, it’s something we are constantly told that looks good on a CV, and that will make your personal statement better, giving you a higher chance of getting into the university of your choice. These were the only benefits I thought work experience would give me up until my week in Theatr na nÓg. I am a very creative person and have always adored the arts since I was a little girl, I’d go to theatre groups, ballet lessons and singing lessons, perform in all school concerts and plays, I have always felt most comfortable when I am performing. In short, I have loved the theatre for years, and regularly go to see live productions – as many as I can! When I was in my last few years in primary, my school had the lucky opportunity to attend Theatr na nÓg’s production of ‘The Butterfly Hunter’. I still remember how I jumped out of my seat when Alfred Russel Wallace’s ship caught fire, and all of the work he had done researching different species for the past 2 years had gone. Since this I have been a regular attender of Theatr na nÓg’s productions, from the Arandora star in 2011, to the recent ‘Eye of the Storm’ 2017.

Because of this, choosing where I would like to go for work experience was an easy choice, I was familiar with the people who worked there, and also had a calling for that particular line of work. Being here this week has really opened my eyes on how many different careers there actually are related to drama, acting and performing, I had been so fixed on the stage that I had forgotten all about what happens behind the scenes in a theatre company. There are so many jobs I had not thought about, such as marketing, finance, fundraising, production manager, communications and many more.

I realise now that I have been very conventional with the idea of drama and theatre, believing that you have to make it big in the industry or you will be branded a ‘failure’. However spending my week here with so many lovely people, getting stuck in with different jobs, being treated with respect and making friends with everyone, has changed my mind about the whole industry, what I am trying to say is that people shouldn’t think drama is just about what happens on the stage or what happens in front of a camera, it’s very much more, and all you have to do is unlock everything the world of drama and theatre has to offer you, and my short time at Theatr na nÓg has done this for me.

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