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Those of you who know me will know that I love to bang on Pollyanna-like about things. I’m excellent at it quite frankly. From travelling overseas to Asda Gummy Bears (other brands are available) to Campervans and my bionic hip. There is no end to the subjects I feel enthusiastic about and when I find myself involved in a project that combines a few of those favourite things then my exuberance is enough to make Julie Andrews and her whiskery kittens roll their eyes like Kevin the Teenager. Project 21 is one such subject matter.

In collaboration with the Wales Millennium Centre, Theatre na nÓg have embarked on an 18 month project that will culminate in a wonderful musical extravaganza (I love that word) in October 2014 that will mark and celebrate 10 years since their doors opened. Working with over 200 children from seven schools which are spread across Wales we will create a performance that will showcase the wonderful young talent and brilliant history that that we have here in this wonderful nation of ours. From Bangor through Barmouth and Blaenau Ffestiniog, Merthyr and Swansea and Cardiff, the children we have already met have ensured that the road ahead promises to be a lot of fun. ‘What are you most looking forward to from this project?’ I asked a child in Blaenau last week. ‘To sing and dance and run about and make new friends…and eat ice cream’. Now who wouldn’t love to be involved in a project like that?!! (I bet Julie Andrews would.)


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