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Consortiwm Cymraeg Presents Salsa!

A Welsh language feel - good rom com

Written and directed by Geinor Styles.

Salsa tells the story of Wayne Needy, an amateur astronomer, who simply wants to be left alone in his own cosmos, Bullied by his wife Rhian to take dance lessons, henpecked Wayne reluctantly goes along to dance classes to keep her quiet. After all, he could do with working off his love handles, and Rhian gets what Rhian wants.

Having nervously entered the seductive world of salsa, Wayne wishes he was on another planet… until the gorgeous Adela Vega glides in as the dance instructor.

As the bare community hall transforms, Wayne is swept away by the exotic rhythms. His newfound love of dance grows stronger, but he’s forced to question his true feelings for Rhian. He must make a choice, but will his heart rule his head or will he vote with his feet?

This is a Welsh language production


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